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Public Guide: Tickled Pink Sensations


When I first stepped into the pink

Her heart makes her store what it is: And it is my hope that if you really wanna make your body happy try Mia´s store.


When was the last time you could pick a scent, blend it with another and spray it on for less than 20 bucks?

The glass bottles are finer than the designer bottles. The price is amazing and the choices are fantastic! So to all BPal fans: If you want three bottles instead of one or just one. Mix your unique blend.

Pick base. Be sure to read ALL scent descreptions? Why? Because by doing so you might find one you wish to try next time. Because my dear: I am living proof that once you have tried TPS. You will be amazed.

Lip balms

Mia has the best lip balms on the planet. They ate so yummy! My favorite: Mint chip ice cream, or if you feel for a softer elegant touch: Chanel rose

To sum it up

Favorite product: Soap souflee and body butter

Favorite scent: Mint chip ice cream

Favorite perfume: CK Eternety moment( TPS version)

Why shop there

Because we need a store were we get the service we deserve and Mia needs us in order to Evolve.

Where can I get help in deciding what to order?

Sign up on the forum!


Disclaimer: I am addicted to bath&body items, it is JUST a hobby for me. I pay for my products like you do. I will test out more stores when I find one that I think I can RAVE about. I would rather test few stores and enjoy them than testing 50 and be pore. Because I pay my own order myself

I see there are many journals raving about brands on this service. However, if my guide violates The Terms Of Service,let me know.

This community is based upon trust and respect, it is a hobby that no members nor the maintainer get paid for.
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